Tommy Vinson - Interim Preacher Series

Oct 08, 2017 | Thomas Vinson, Interim Preacher

When The Storms Keep Coming!

When the storms just keep coming there are several things this passage would teach us to do…

1. When storms keep coming…. Insure that your Faith is not Misplaced.

  • Faith in the Calm Winds is faith misplaced.
  • Faith in the boat is faith misplaced.
  • Faith in themselves is faith misplaced.

2. When storms keep coming…. Anticipate that your Faith will be Tested.

  • Delay
  • By Difficulties
  • By Death

 3. When the storms keep coming…Exercise your Faith Appropriately.

  • They came to the Right Person.
  • They came the Right Way.
  • They came at the Right Time.

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