The mission area of our church supports the Vision Statement of ‘Connecting all People to Engage in the Mission of Christ.’ We do this by the Proclamation of the Gospel of Christ by :

  • Engaging and mobilizing Kirby Woods members, and others, to live on mission and to service missionally both at home and abroad, which leads to long-term partnerships, and by
  • Assisting missionaries who are actively involved in planting churches among people groups beginning in Memphis and throughout the world.

In our Neighborhoods

Kirby Woods works in partnership with other area church plants and ministries within our local area. Currently we partner with the following churches and church plants:

  • Binghampton Community Church
  • Pueblo de Dios
  • Grace Church of Memphis
  • Miracle of Redemption Church
  • Miracle Baptist Church

Opportunities to Serve:
Off-site Bible Studies, Refugee Ministry, afterschool tutoring, crisis pregnancy assistance, homeless shelter ministry, . . .

In our Nation

Kirby Woods partners with the North American Mission Board and the following churches and church plants within the USA:

  • River City Church, Fort Collins, CO
  • Cross Life Church, Anthem, AZ
  • The Cross Church, Washington, DC
  • Kallispel, WY
  • Wind City Church, Casper, WY
  • Hudson Bay Association – various churches

Opportunities to Serve:

* Fort Collins in the spring and fall to work with River City Church, Joe Reid, lead planter
* Work with Ray Meadows with Cross Life Church and church plants in early December 2017

For information on these trips and others, please contact the team leaders or the missions office at .

Among all Nations

Kirby Woods partners primarily with the International Mission Board in reaching the World. This partnership and others are leading us to engage in the following countries: Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Argentina, South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire, Uganda, England, Belgium, Germany, and also through various countries in areas of Asia.

Opportunities to serve:

* SE Asia, work with IMB missionaries from KWBC, September 2017
* Germany, work with IMB missionaries, November 2017

2017 Short Term Mission Trips

For information on these trips and others, please contact the team leaders or the missions office at .

Global Impact Conference

Each November, Kirby Woods hosts the GIC. The conference serves as a catalyst for members to be engaged in local, national and international missions. It is a major event in our church each year which concludes with our pledges to the Love Offering to Jesus. This year our speakers will be Dr. Chuck Herring, Wint Fox, Ray Meadows, and more.

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