Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry at Kirby Woods is a Monday-Saturday ministry. The purpose of the Prayer Room is to provide intercession for the various needs of our church and our nation. Space is provided by the church and devoted solely to intercessory prayer.

Members are asked to give one hour per week for a six-week period. That hour is spent by praying for ten minutes at each of six different stations in the Prayer Room located at Kirby Woods.

Station I
This station is for personal cleansing prior to interceding for other needs. A Guide for Personal Cleansing is provided for the use of the intercessor.

Station II
This station is for praying for the members of KWBC. The names and pictures (when available) of the members and their families are on 4"x6" cards. Every member of KWBC will be prayed for every month.

Station III
This station is for praying for the different staff members of KWBC. These include the Ministerial Staff, Support Staff, Nursery Staff, Maintenance Staff, and Kitchen Staff.

Station IV
This station is for praying for the Sunday School Teachers, Church Committees, and Deacons.

Station V
This station is for praying for leaders in the SBC, leaders in government, and the different mission ministries supported by KWBC.

This final station is for praying for general revival, emergency requests, Prayer Line requests, Prayer Request Cards turned in through the offering plates, hospital list, and prospects who have visited our services.

The Prayer Room is open daily from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. Contact KWBC and we will have some instructions and materials for you to be involved in this significant ministry. There are specific suggestions as to how to pray effectively at each station.

To leave a prayer request call the Prayer Ministry Line at 901-312-5335.

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