Advent 2016 - The Promise
1. The Promise of His Coming: Isaiah 2:1-5 (Nov 27)
2. The Promised Prophet: Deuteronomy 18:15-19 (Dec 4)
3. The Promised Priest: Hebrews 7 (Dec 11)
4. The Promised King: Matthew 2 (Dec 25)
Global Impact Conference 2016

November 6-9, 2016

Each November, Kirby Woods hosts the GIC. The conference serves as a catalyst for members to be engaged in local, national and international missions. It is a major event in our church each year which concludes with our pledges to the Love Offering to Jesus. This year our speakers will be Dr. Tom Elliff, Dr. Don Minshew, Dr. Bartholomew Orr, Douglass L. Carver, Chaplain ret., Dustin Willis

Basic Christianity: A Study of the Book of Ephesians

An examination of the Book of Ephesians. "Basic Christianity," all of the parts of our lives are in Ephesians. If you want to know about Christian World View, salvation, how christian people get along, it's in the Book of Ephesians.  If you need to know about Christian endurance, hope, living, relationships, and even Christian war fare it is all located in the Book of Ephesians. 


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